The fundamental movement skills of throwing, catching, jumping, sticking, running, kicking, agility, and balance and coordination, form the basis for future sport skill development and for the life-long enjoyment of physical activity. Learn how to OBSERVE and IMPROVE the fundamental movement skills through the format listed below which is best suited to you and your line of work.

The benefits of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Certification – Overall, the workshop will prepare leaders to: Create safe games where children can practice fundamental movement skills; apply a six-step teaching process to fundamental movement skills; model responsibility behaviour in a leadership role; apply National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) values in decision-making; lead children in activities that will promote the development of fundamental movement skills.

In addition to FMS, Coach New Brunswick (NB) delivers and supports the Move Your Body (MYB) after-school physical activity program presented by Gymnastics, Athletics, and Swimming Canada. MYB is a series of lesson plans that focus on the development of physical literacy. MYB will prepare leaders to increase the levels of physical activity for children aged 6-10, though activities that are based in the three foundation sports: gymnastics, athletics and swimming.

Fundamental Movement Skills Tools

A Running Start

Run Jump Throw

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L)

Raising Healthy, Happy Kids

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

PLAY Tools