March 18th 2024 – 8 PM 

IN PERSON: NB Sports Hall of Fame  (503 Queen Street, Alden R. Clark Theatre Room)


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Meeting ID : 821 9552 7033

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Message from the President 

Dear Coach, over the past several months Coach NB has been collaborating with the Sport and Recreation Branch (Province of NB) and Sport NB on the Envisioning Sport Project.  Together we are committed to pursue development of a renewed governance structure and organization design, and seek the necessary steps to join forces in a modernized lead amateur sport agency with expanded capacity and services. Sport NB will retain the legal name & entity, and a new public-facing name/branding will be developed to reflect the exciting new agency to guide sport in New Brunswick.

Coach NB is excited to be a lead partner in the design of alignment of services.  We are committed to ensure the mandate of the delivery of Coach Education is carried forward.  Our promise to you, we will continue to lead, support and deliver quality coach education. This new agency will further our mission as we continue enhancing services for our Coaches.

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