Élise Hache

Say hello to Élise Haché. She is one of the two women selected to represent New Brunswick at the Canada Games with the Women in Coaching (WiC) Apprenticeship Program.   Currently an Assistant Coach at the BLAST Swim Club in Bathurst, Haché will assist Marta Belsh and the rest of the swimming staff at the 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The natural progression of a swim career made coaching a natural fit for Élise. As a former competitive swimmer in her own right, she became a lifeguard before transitioning into a coaching role with her former club. She credits her passion for the pool to her two older sisters who were swimmers as well. Now, Élise looks to bring this fervor to the program.

The WiC Program was created to provide exposure for women coaches to enhanced learning opportunities and build coaching capacity for women in sport. Élise’s strong application, coupled with a fierce desire to improve as a coach for her athletes made her a phenomenal candidate for the program.

When asked what she expects to gain at the Games, Élise was quick to comment on the experience she will receive. “Being able to meet different people who have different backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines will allow me to see a different perspective on coaching” she added. This influx of knowledge will undoubtedly help her, as well as the long term development of her athletes.

Élise’s coaching philosophy is athlete-centric, stating that establishing a good relationship with the child is essential. By focusing on instilling values that the kids will be able to carry with them for the rest of their lives, Élise has taken her coaching beyond sport itself. Hardwork, respect and perseverance are the qualities she ingrains into her athletes. “If you want to achieve something you have to work at it, you must respect the support and all the individuals that surround it and perseverance; being ready to work and work hard in life no matter what challenges come your way” she said.

There is little doubt that Élise will thrive in this women in coaching national campaign. She has no plans of slowing down her coaching career any time soon and thanks to programs like this women coaches are able to continue to chase their coaching dreams.