Peter Steele

Sport : Speed Skating

1. Do you have any Coaching superstitions?  No! In a sport where the athlete is the engine, preparation is the key. If we work as a team and have covered all the aspects of sport development to the best of our ability then the athlete should be prepared to have success.

“The will to win means nothing… without the will to prepare!”  

2. What is your Coaching philosophy? My philosophy in coaching skaters varies based on the LTAD Stages. That being said, my favourite stage, is the T2T stage, where I get to see athletes truly start to develop, I guess my philosophical approach would be, after having given them all the tools required to be a good athlete in our sport would be to truly try and instill in them that, yes they can be successful and being successful means it has to be what they want and it has to be fun getting there.  They have to learn to believe in themselves enough to actually utilize the tools given and train at the required intensities for the specific programs. As coaches we have to facilitate that positive self-belief back too them until they actually can see it in themselves.  They are young teens and this is not an easy task.  In Speed Skating, no one ever said fun would be EASY but our skaters really do love the sport for what it offers.