What is a Host Partner?

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) host partner can be any New Brunswick (NB) community and/or competition Coach, sport and/or recreation organization, secondary, collegiate, and/or university institution that have an agreement with Coach NB to deliver NCCP workshop with Multi-Sport Trained/Certified Coach Developers (CD) in their community. NCCP host partners are approved after submitting an application to host a workshop and must agree to deliver the workshops according to Coach NB’s standards.

What is the NCCP?

The NCCP is a world renowned Coach education program which enhances quality coaching. It empowers Coaches to gain knowledge and skills to impact the lives of Canadians.

Why the NCCP?

To ensure that all Coaches have the right tools to serve as positive leaders within their communities; To guarantee lifelong learning, ongoing development, and to foster the advancement of sport in NB; To ensure the competency and quality of NB coaches.

What is a Coach Developer?

CDs are not simply experienced Coaches or transmitters of coaching knowledge – they are trained to develop, support, and challenge Coaches to go on honing and improving their knowledge and skills in order to provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants. In short, CDs need to be experts in learning, as well as experts in coaching.

NCCP Coach Developers include Learning Facilitators (LFs), Coach Evaluators (CEs), and Master Coach Developers (MCDs).


Highlights: Access to all Multi-Sport NCCP workshops – Appendix A

Make Ethical Decision, Planning a Practice, Nutrition, Design a Basic Sport Program, Teaching and Learning, Basic Mental Skills, Leading a Drug Free Sport, Managing Conflict, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Psychology of Performance, Prevention and Recovery, Developing Athletic Abilities, Manage a Sport Program, Performance Planning, Advanced Practice Planning, Fundamental Movements Skills (Professional Development, Community Leader, & Leadership), Aboriginal Coaching Module, Empower +, & Resistance Training.

Host Partner Responsibilities: Complete and submit the Hosting Application. Note: The application must be received by Coach NB 3 weeks prior to the projected course start date; The Host will need to ensure that the minimum number of participant is met prior to completing the Hosting Application. Note: View guidelines below;

Coach NB Responsibilities: Communicate and assign a CD; assign a facility (in collaboration with the Host Partner); registration – Via the Locker; promotion; course material; Locker implementation; pay CDs honorarium, venue, and other expenses;


Minimum/maximum number of participants required: 

  • FMS (Community Leader & PD) 8 minimum, 25 maximum
  • Competition-Introduction Modules 8 minimum, 20 maximum
  • Competition-Development Modules 10 minimum, 20 maximum
  • NCCP PD 8 minimum, 25 maximum 

Cancelation Policy:

  • 7 days prior to the workshop, the Host will be reimbursed fully – 100%;
  • 6 days or less prior to the workshop, the Host will be reimbursed in half – 50%;
  • 6 days or less prior to the workshop, course fees are un-transferable;

Appendix A

Module Time Frame:

  • Make Ethical Decision: 3h00
  • Planning a Practice: 6h15
  • Nutrition: 1h15
  • Design a Basic Sport Program: 4h00
  • Teaching and Learning: 6h30
  • Basic Mental Skills: 3h00
  • Leading a Drug Free Sport: 3h30
  • Managing Conflict: 4h30
  • Coaching and Leading Effectively: 8h30
  • Psychology of Performance: 7h00
  • Prevention and Recovery: 7h30
  • Developing Athletic Abilities: 9h00 *Online Pre-Workshop (2h00)
  • Manage a Sport Program: 4h00
  • Performance Planning: 12h00
  • Advanced Practice Planning: 5h00
  • FMS Community Leader: 8h00
  • FMS PD: 4h00
  • FMS PD + High Five Sport: 8h00
  • FMS High School Leadership: 9 lesson plans
  • Aboriginal Coaching Module: 8h00
  • Empower +: 4h00
  • Resistance Training: 8h00

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