Coach NB Women to Watch Grant Program

Coach NB is dedicated to decreasing barriers that may result in impact women in their ability to reach their full coaching education goals. The Coach NB Women to Watch Grant Program is a key initiative that will provide financial assistance to women coaches looking to advance in their coaching pathway.

Grants will be awarded to women coaches in the Province of New Brunswick to assist them in further developing the skills necessary to attain a higher level of coaching or increased level of coaching experience. The grant aims at helping to offset cost associated with their coach development (i.e., course/event fees, travel, childcare…).

The grants applications will be accessed bi-annually with a maximum of $1500 being disbursed per fiscal year (max $500/recipient).  The grant will remain open throughout the year closing on March 15th  until the start of the next fiscal (April 1st).

Deadline March 15th, 2023.

Meet our 2020-2021 Grant Recipients

Rebecca McCarthy – Rugby (U17 NB Women’s Team & Riverview High School Women’s Varsity Team)

Becca is currently coaching the U17 NB Women’s Rugby team, the Riverview High School Women’s Varsity team, and is the Junior Director for Moncton Black Tide Rugby. She’s been actively coaching rugby since 2015.   

Rebecca Fournier – Equestrian (Steward Sporthorses)

Reba is currently the Head Coach at Stewart Sporthorses, coaching equestrian athletes and mentoring equestrian coaches from the grassroots to provincial levels. She is a co-founder of Explore Eventing, an equestrian series bridging recreational and competitive events, and recently coached two NB teams to success She is an advocate for inclusive sport and education; sitting on the board of directors for Horse Trials New Brunswick, NBEA Coaching Committee, and, most recently, Coach NB.


Vanessa Duffley – Rugby (U18 & U16 Women’s Rugby 7s Team NB Programs)

Vanessa has been the Head Coach for the New Brunswick U18 and U16 Female Rugby 7s Programs since their inception in August 2016. She was also selected as the Canada Games Head Coach for 2022. Vanessa has also held the position of Director of Coaching for the New Brunswick Rugby Union since 2020. Vanessa first fell in love with rugby as a player in Grade 5, but is now most passionate about contributing to the development of others both in and out of sport. Competitive by nature and a lifelong learner, Vanessa’s next goal is to further expand her rugby leadership positions in the high-performance stream.

Carlie Dunbar – Bouldering (Fredericton Bouldering Co-op)

Carlie coaches climbers of the Fredericton Bouldering Co-op. She started with the Co-op on the board of directors as Vice President of Human Resources and has since held the roles of coach, operations staff, and routesetter. Prior to coaching, she competed nationally in Bouldering. Outside of climbing, Carlie is the Recreation Leader of Aquatics for the City of Fredericton – programming Fredericton’s municipal indoor and outdoor pools

Sara Miller – Athletics (Université de Moncton & Aetos Athletica

Sara is currently the assistant coach of the Université de Moncton’s Track and Field team and is also a coach with Aetos Athletica. After spending years as a track athlete, she is very passionate about the sport and helping athlete achieve their potential.

She primarily coaches pole vault (amongst other events), injury prevention, and flexibility to the athletes. She is very passionate about giving athletes all the tools they need to progress while staying healthy.

While Sara isn’t coaching athletics, she teaches yoga, general fitness, circus skills to adults and kids, and also performs as a circus artist.

Grant Application Process: 

Please complete and email the following to our Women & Girls Project Manager:

    • Application Form
    • Letter of Support from one of the following;
      • Local Sport Organization
      • Provincial Sport Organization
      • National Sport Organization
    • NCCP Transcript

**Applications with support letters from Provincial or National level Sport Organizations may be given priority. Coach NB may make contact with your Provincial Sport Organization, upon reception of your application.

Amount of Support

    • Up to $500 is available through this grant program
    • Coaches are only eligible to apply for and receive one grant within a fiscal year (April – March)

Grant Deadline

    • Applications will be accepted throughout the year, with the final acceptance being February 15th for each fiscal year.

Follow up Procedures

Within 60 days of the completion of the activity the grant recipient must submit a written follow up report to the Women and Girls Project Manager. The report must contain the following information:

    • Details of the activity you participated in (when, where, who, etc.)
    • How this experience contributed to the learning objectives you outlined in your original application. Any successes, challenges, and recommendations should also be included.
    • An article that could be included in a Coach NB newsletter or the Coach NB Women to Watch Grant Program webpage.
    • A financial report detailing all expenditures relevant to your participation in the event.

Promotion of Women to Watch Grant Program

As a recipient of a Women to Watch Grant, you may be asked to supply a photo and a detailed report of your learning activities for publication or promotion purposes or to speak to other female coaches about your experience.

Forward your application to the Coach NB Team via Email:

**All application material is to be submitted as a PDF document**

For further information contact us at Coach NB.