The following Professional Development (PD) workshops have been developed by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to enhance your coaching ability and to enable you to provide a high standard of sport coaching for your athletes. Along with the Multi-Sport modules, the following courses reinforce the National Coaching Certification Program’s (NCCP) core values of continuous improvement and lifelong learning.



The 7-hour Mentorship module is designed to prepare individuals to step into their role as a mentor with clarity of purpose, and confidence in their actions. The training reaffirms and strengthens their abilities and skills as a mentor, while expanding upon the mentor’s knowledge of the mentoring process. Completing the training will provide the mentor with standards and protocols for the implementation of mentoring within their coaching community.

By the end of the training, the mentor will:

  • Understand the concept of mentoring;
  • Understand the process of cognitive coaching;
  • Acquire and perform the communication skills required to be an effective mentor; and
  • Utilize the 3 steps of the mentoring process.

Training will include small group tasks, discussions, and de-briefs. The emphasis will be on practicing the communication skills required of a mentor.

Fundamental Movement Skills & Superhero Training

Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of movement. They can occur in and on different environments: air, water, ice and land. The different movements include rolling, swinging, sliding, skipping and many others.

The NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop focuses on the following specific fundamental movement skills:

  •  Throwing
  •  Catching
  •  Jumping
  •  Striking
  •  Running
  •  Kicking
  •  Wheeling
Workshop participants can apply the skills they learn in this module for these seven fundamental movement skills to other fundamental movements.

Superhero Training

Coach NB, and Recreation NB are excited to bring to you our “Superhero” themed training.  “Superhero” training offers front-line leaders the necessary tools to deliver quality programming that offers children opportunities to learn fundamental movement skills in a fun, safe, and positive environment. The “Superhero” training is offered as a whole day workshop to recreation leaders and consists of two workshops:

  • Principles of Healthy Child Development (4h)
    This training equips front-line leaders (anyone working with children aged 4 to 12) with the tools to immediately enhance the quality of their programs. The training provides valuable information, resources, and techniques to ensure that each child’s social, emotional, and cognitive needs are met.
  • Fundamental Movement Skills (3h)

The “Superhero” Training is open to front-line leaders and facilitators working directly with children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Aboriginal Coaching Module 

8h, 3 modules (15 PD Points) – Free

If you work with, or supervise youth of Aboriginal heritage, this workshop is an essential resource. If you wish to understand, relate to, and apply Aboriginal cultural perspectives that will allow you to motivate, inspire, and lead those youth towards a successful and meaningful lifestyle, this workshop was designed for you. The workshop includes unique methods and perspectives not found in mainstream coaching certification programs.

It is holistic in its approach and includes teachings of the medicine wheel, the four gifts, as well as the values within the four pillars and many other issues that are unique to Aboriginal culture.

Please connect with Aboriginal Sport and Recreation New Brunswick as they are now the delivery agent of this module.

For more information please see Aboriginal Sport Circle

Veuillez communiquer avec nos amis à Aborignal Sport and Recreation New Brunswick, car ils sont maintenant l’agent de prestation de ce module.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez consulter le Cercle sportif autochtone