Coach New Brunswick’s Leave Your Mark Coaching Awards

Coach NB is honoured to present the “Leave Your Mark Coaching Awards”. This prestigious program celebrates and honours the remarkable commitment and tremendous contributions of exemplary individuals. Choose from one of the following eight categories and nominate a deserving coach today!  Nomination deadline is July 31st 2017 !

Coaches recognized in this category are inspirational role models in the community and or school setting.   The coach whose outstanding efforts and commitment has left a significant impact.  They are an innovative out-of-the-box thinker who inspires others to follow and has made a difference in their sport or for their athletes  A coach in this category would measure their daily success in the number of athletes they have empowered.  Whether coaches a community rep team or top performing provincial athletes, the coach who pushes the envelope, invents new approaches to old challenges and breaks through barriers should be nominated for this award.

Coach Next Door

This award is presented to a coach who understands and promotes the value of recreational sport and is actively engaged in the recreational sport coaching community. The recipient of this award recognizes the importance of sport beyond the on-field competition and understands the social benefits of sport and recreation. They promote inclusivity, playing sports for enjoyment and lifelong health.

Good to Great

This award highlights the progression of a coaches National Coaching Certification (NCCP) pathway; Status: In Training to Trained or from Trained to Certified. One recipient who constantly seeks to further develop his/her coaching abilities and longs for becoming a Certified NCCP Coach within a Multi or Sport Specific context will be chosen.

Everyone Matters

This award is presented to a Special Olympic, disability, and/or visible minority coach whose dedication and leadership has helped build outstanding community leaders, influenced the culture of their team, organization, and/or community by embracing diversity and differences. Examples include; success in reaching out and welcoming different genders, different age groups, newcomers to a sport program or a coach who successfully integrates athletes with a disability into their program.

Aboriginal on the Move

This award recognizes one Aboriginal coach for their commitment and development to sport/recreation. The nominee is a strong advocate of the holistic lifestyle approach. He/she also promotes accessibility and provides opportunities within sport/recreation for Aboriginal athletes all while playing a positive mentorship role.

Life Time Award

The Lifetime Excellence Award will be presented to an active coach who has made significant contributions to his or her sport over a sustained period of time; 25+ years. This coach dreams big, looks for possibilities, and focuses on creating a lasting legacy.

Sport Champion

This award recognizes High Performance Level Coaches who have demonstrated high levels of commitment, competency, expertise, leadership, and character towards his/her athletes and peers in the preparation stages and during National or International events. The recipient has invested a considerable amount of time in helping build and sustain a strong sport program all while developing well rounded athletes.