Gavin Brown


Why did you apply to become a VIPCoach?

As coaches we always encourage athletes to have a growth mindset, and as coaches we need to have that same mindset. The VIPCoach program is an opportunity for me to further develop as a coach and a challenge to myself to improve. 

What does being a VIPCoach mean to you?

VIPCoach is a recognition for a commitment to personal development, and creating a better environment for our athletes. Not all of our athletes pursue professional careers in sport competition, but all of our athletes are part of our community and the next generation of coaches, officials, administrators and more; we have a responsibility to create safe and inclusive environments where all athletes can grow and excel beyond just putting points on a scoreboard. 

Best part of being a VIPCoach?

Being connected to coaches from around the province and from outside my own sport. True growth begins at the end of our comfort zone, and the new insights and new perspectives from other coaches will help me push myself to reflect and grow in ways I would not have been able to consider without that outside influence.  

Why should more coaches apply to become a VIPCoach?

The more coaches in NB that are willing to commit to creating better training environments and embracing better practices, the better. It is a win/win/win situation for athletes/sport programs/communities in NB.