Nick Murray


Why did you apply to become a VIPCoach?

For me it is all about connecting with likeminded individuals to learn, grow, and normalize giving.  

What does being a VIPCoach mean to you? It’s a pretty important to me as it grants me access to some of the best resources in the province so that I can continue to grow. To teach is to learn. I’m excited to be able to be a better resource to my athletes.

Best part of being a VIPCoach? Clear learning pathways and having the chance to connect with other coaches outside of my sport. This only makes me a better coach within my sport.
Why should more coaches apply to become a VIPCoach? Together as coaches we can improve ourselves and our athletes. The larger the network the greater the access to resources. There is no such thing as an original problem and by tapping into a massive network of coaches, across disciplines, the answers are there.