Coaching Experts Review “Ted Lasso” Season 2

*Major spoiler warnings for Ted Lasso Season 2 – If you haven’t caught up on this season and don’t want major plot points spoiled, wait until you’ve finished watching to listen to this episode.*

**Content warning for today’s episode: mentions of suicide, self-harm

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Thank you for checking out our Ted Talk! *cue laugh track*

With the return of Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) for its second season, we felt it was our responsibility to get the gang back together to share our takes on how the show addressed mental health in sport, managing relationships within a team, and Safe Sport dynamics.

Big shout-out to the members of the Ted Lasso fan club, Steve Leblanc, Director of High Performance of Athletics NB and Barry Morrison of Fredericton District Soccer Association/UNB Reds for leading your teams and programs with the leadership of Ted and the wisdom of Coach Beard.

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