Hydration during COVID with Natasha Mclaughlin-Chaisson (French episode)

In the age of the face mask, we ask the question, “How can you stay hydrated?

Special guest, Natasha Mclaughlin-Chaisson, a sports dietician specializes in high performance, sits down with our host Stéphanie Lebreton on the importance of your athletes staying hydrated during training, life, and COVID-19.  Please note this episode is in FRENCH.

Natasha is a member of the New Brunswick Association of Dietitians. She has attained the world-renowned International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition, as well as a  Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the Université de Moncton and is a certified ISAK level 1 anthropometrist. She is a consultant for the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic, Coach New-Brunswick, and Aboriginal Sport & Recreation New Brunswick.

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