The Big Timeout: Coaching During COVID, and what comes next

“Surreal. Adapting. Resilient.”

Listen in to how these New Brunswick head coaches describe what COVID has meant for them and their team, and how they plan for an uncertain future. In partnership with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, Coach NB has hosted weekly Zoom calls for full time coaches in NB to discuss current events and brainstorm solutions to the issues experienced across all sports. For this week’s “Coffee & Coaching” session, we recorded and discussed how we’ve been handling our new COVID reality.

Please see these time stamps if you would like to listen to a specific topic: 

0:00 Intro

5:51 Sum up your last two months

6:56 Dealing with uncertainty

15:52 How different ages and levels of athletes are dealing with this

23:19 What has quarantine meant for yourself and your team, and how has tele-coaching gone?

49:20 Return to Sport

1:18:05 Considerations for para athletes during COVID

1:30:05 Silver Linings


A BIG thank you to the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic for co-hosting these calls, and to the coaches that take time every week to log on and speak with each other.

Renee Matte, Artistic Swimming

Steve LeBlanc, Athletics

Barry Morrison, Soccer

Monette Boudreau-Carol, Volleyball

Mel Melanson, Swimming

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