A Coach’s Guide to LGBTQ+ Inclusion

“I felt like I couldn’t be gay and a coach.”

This week we chat with David Thibodeau, a swim coach and former Coach NB intern, about his experience as a gay man in sport and how you as a coach can create a more inclusive atmosphere for LGBTQ+ athletes and coaches in your program.

Some resources for athletes, coaches and program organizers:

CAAWS Leading the way: http://www.caaws.ca/e/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/CAAWS_LeadingtheWay.pdf

Canadian Olympic Committee One Team Program: https://olympic.ca/education/resources/oneteam/

Egale Canada Human Rights Trust – Corporate Training: https://egale.ca/corporate-equity-training/

Organizations that support LGBTQ+ Inclusion in sport:

You Can Play: http://www.youcanplayproject.org/

Athlete Ally: https://www.athleteally.org/

Pride Tape: http://pridetape.com/

transathlete.com: https://www.transathlete.com/

NCAA Common Ground: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/inclusion/common-ground

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