Season 1 Finale: “14 Olympic Games” with Betty Dermer-Norris

In our season finale, Ashleigh finally gets a chance to sit down with a Fredericton sport legend, Betty Dermer-Norris, the former Director of Team Operations with the Canadian Olympic Committee to talk about how to handle pressure of working at an Olympic standard of excellence, why gold medals make us cry, and what it’s like to be involved with over 30 national and international level events.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us in our inaugural season;

To the guests, for sharing your experiences in sport with other knowledge-hungry coaches,

To CJPN, CKUM, the Univeristy of Moncton, and HEPAC, for use of their equipment and space,

To Collin Daigle, my co-host and technical liaison, your help was so very much appreciated last summer,

To Jill Trentowsky, who designed our cover art,

To Manon Ouellette, Executive Director at Coach NB, for letting this project move forward and encouraging it every step of the way,

To all the coaches, parents, volunteers, team managers, organizers, groundskeepers, officials, hydration management technicians, and more, for keeping our sport system alive, and to those who help to protect our athletes and keep the environments as safe as possible,

And finally, to you, the listener, who’s driving to practice right now, taking a rare moment to themselves and choosing to listen to our podcast and striving to make their practices a little better. I appreciate you the most.

See you in the fall, and go have a great practice!

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