Thank You, Ted Lasso

It’s not often we see a show or character that so closely embodies the future of coaching we hope to create in Canada, and then Ted Lasso comes along. Ted brings a new kind of coach into the limelight; humble, curious, welcoming. A true team builder. The Mr. Rogers of Coaching.

The joke is simple; an American football coach moving to the UK to be a Premier League Football (soccer) coach, but the story is much more complex. Listen as members of the Ted Lasso Fan Club explore transformational coaching techniques, coaching models in media, positivity in sport, and the undeniably loveable coach Ted Lasso. Season 1 of Ted Lasso can be streamed on Apple TV+.

Kudos to club members Barry Morrison, Head of Fredericton District Soccer Association, and Steve LeBlanc, Director of High Performance at Athletics New Brunswick and Head Coach Athletics and Cross Country at Université de Moncton.

Also, if anyone has connections to Jason Sudeikis, please let him know we would like to do an interview with him.

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