Brandon LeBlanc


Why did you apply to become a VIPCoach?

I am passionate about ethics in sport and felt that the VIPCoach program would be a good opportunity to further develop my leadership skills and connect with like-minded coaches from across the province. 

What does being a VIPCoach mean to you?

To me, it’s about committing to being more than just a technical instructor. It’s about committing to being a leader in ethical practices and an advocate of safe sport initiatives. Being a VIPCoach might not raise your ceiling, but it will raise your floor, and provide you with opportunities to continue building positive sport environments.  

Best part of being a VIPCoach?

I’d like to think that by making a commitment to adhering to the Coaching Association of Canada’s Code of Conduct and fostering safe sport environments that this will encourage others to do the same. The swag is a close second! 

Why should more coaches apply to become a VIPCoach?

You’re never going to regret making a commitment to ethical leadership and further developing your coaching abilities!