Coach NB strives to meet your needs as a coach, and works to offer more than just the National Coaching Certification Program. We are excited to present to you the following Professional Development opportunities through the: Beyond Coaching Series

Some events included in this series are:

  • Webinars
  • Guest speaker presentations
  • The Coach’s Plan Podcast
  • Contests
  • The Beyond Coaching Conference


Webinars are very similar to specialty PD however they don’t always offer PD point towards the NCCP, they are geared more towards learning new topics or understanding concepts on a deeper level. These happen online and are offered to anyone in the province with a size of up to 15 people.

Guest Speaker Presentations

These are one time events that happen. They pop up every so often and usually come from members of the sport community who have a lot of credible knowledge to share based on experiences, literature or research. They more often than not, are in person presentations held at local events or in community spaces.

Coach’s Plan Podcast

Whether coaching is a part of your daily life or a newly budding interest, the Coach’s Plan Podcast will be bringing you up to date on all the latest on coaching and sport education in Canada. Join our host Ashleigh Milani and the rest of the Coach New Brunswick staff in our quest to plan the perfect season.


Each contest is put on around or during an event that is deemed a Beyond Coaching Event. These contests, you enter to win, and have the opportunity to win free Coach NB swag, gift cards to various NCCP courses or Coach NB related events.

The Beyond Coaching Conference

The conference dates has been specifically chosen to coincide with the conclusion of National Coaches Week – a week dedicated to celebrating the positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada.

The Beyond Coaching Conference is catered towards providing coaches with the tools and opportunities to promote the Coach New Brunswick vision of providing universal access to quality coaching and enjoying a positive sporting experience through all stages of life.