Episode 3: Community Above All

Community Above All

Join our Co-Host PL Savoie in welcoming Marvin Okello to the podcast to discuss his journey as a high-level athlete and coach, Mavin’s passion for sport goes beyond his love for soccer!

More about our Guest:

As a refugee from Kenya, Marvin arrived in Canada with his mother, father, and three sisters. Despite facing challenges unimaginable to many, especially as a youth, Marvin’s aspiration has always been to support others in overcoming similar obstacles.

Soccer has been instrumental in Marvin’s journey, affording him opportunities like representing the provincial team for four years and culminating in participation in the 2005 NS Canada Games soccer team. Through coaching, Marvin has given back, sharing his skills and experiences. However, he sought to amplify his impact, leading him to The Halifax Wanderers platform.

At The Wanderers, Marvin found a vibrant community and opportunities to make a difference. Serving as the Chair of the Wanderers Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility committee, he champions the ethos of “Together For Change,” ensuring inclusivity and equity for all.

Marvin also coaches for the Halifax County United Soccer Club, and his team recently clinched gold in the indoor final earlier this year. It marks Marvin’s first gold medal as a competitive coach, adding an exciting milestone to his coaching journey.

More about our Co-Host:

Pierre-Luc “PL” Savoie, now entering his 2nd season as a co-host and producer of the Coach’s Plan Podcast. Originally from Bathurst, NB, having moved to the Fredericton region in 2018 to pursue post-secondary education, leading to valuable experiences with organizations such as Sport NB and Softball NB, as well as playing a digital media role with Team-Équipe NB’s mission staff for the 2022 and 2023 Canada Game. PL brings an interesting and passionate point-of-view to each episode which can be enjoyed by anyone from sports professionals to the general public.


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