We are pleased to announce that Coach NB is coming out with a bi-weeky podcast for coaches, by coaches!

Whether coaching is a part of your daily life or a newly budding interest, the Coach’s Plan Podcast will be bringing you up to date on all the latest on coaching and sport education in Canada. Join our host Ashleigh Milani and the rest of the Coach New Brunswick staff in our quest to plan the perfect season.

Subscribe to the Coach’s Plan Podcast on iTunes and Spotify, or listen here on our website:

Episode 1: Welcome to the NCCP

Episode 2: Thanks, Coach

Episode 3: The Costs of Volunteer Coaching with Dr. Jonathan Edwards

Episode 4: Mentorship for Coaches

Episode 5: The Responsible Coaching Movement

Bonus 1: Behind the Scenes at Sport Leadership Summit 2018

Bonus 2: Sport Summit Gala 2018 (Coaching Celebrity interviews)

Episode 6: Commotion Cérébrales avec le Dr Richard Louis (EN FRANÇAIS)

Episode 6: Concussion Awareness with Dr Richard Louis (English Version)

Episode 7: Physical Literacy with Taylor Devlin (English)

Episode 7: Littératie physique avec Michel Johnson (en français)

Episode 8: How To Manage Conflict In Your Team with Barry Morrison

Episode 9: A Coach’s Guide to LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Episode 10: “14 Olympic Games” with Betty Dermer-Norris (Season Finale)